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Whether you’re a professional builder or just want to gain DIY skills, here’s the ultimate expert training you need. 
Level up your team’s construction skills or become the ultimate household handyman at the Bostik Academy, a one-stop resource hub that offers training in various areas of construction to guide you as you build from the ground up.
Run by seasoned experts from global adhesives specialist Bostik, the academy offers seminars both online and on-site, with programs tailor-made for your needs.

Bostik Academy provides a unique learning opportunity to anyone interested in construction, from hobbyists and DIYers to professional builders and construction companies hoping to upskill their crew. Our courses give our trainees knowledge on the latest methods, innovations and technologies in construction that will help them work smarter and build better

At Bostik Academy, highly trained construction professionals facilitate courses that run the gamut of the construction process, from wall preparation and water-proofing, to tiling, flooring and the use of sealants, epoxies and adhesives. 


Other than on-ground training, Bostik Academy also provides online resources through a technical video center that offers a rich menu of instructional videos. Here, you can easily access expert-approved step-by-step tutorials, hacks and tips that will help you at any point of your build journey.

If you’re searching for a how-to on glazing or insulation or want to learn how to properly use grabs and adhesives, you can access Bostik Academy videos anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device. You  may also access a list of technical support contacts if you need further help.

Whether in person or online, the Bostik Academy also offers a comprehensive view of Bostik’s product catalogue, with an array of top-quality construction materials. Trainees will have access to the entire Bostik portfolio, learn product features, benefits and proper application methods, and see in-depth product reviews to help them make the best product choices for their projects. 

“Bostik Academy is our contribution to building a stronger nation by equipping the country’s construction professionals and home builders with up-to-date skills and knowledge. Through this knowledge hub, we hope to realize our vision of transforming the Philippine construction industry to world-class standards,” said Kasman.

Bostik Academy is backed by Bostik, the leading global adhesives specialist in the construction, consumer, and industrial markets. It is the trusted manufacturer of popular household brands such as Rugby Original, Super Vulcaseal, No More Nails, and Blu-Tack, among others.

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