Prevailing the Hurdles of Yesterday and Tomorrow


Working side by side with Bostik Philippines for 5 solid years has generated a partnership that finds workable solutions for Engr. Atong Cabel, a third generation President and Business Development Manager for LC5 and MACH Enterprises Inc. This family-owned construction business defines Bostik Philippines as a thriving brand amidst of the constant changes in the market.

Engr. Atong Cabel describes Bostik Philippines as a solution for every construction problems they are currently facing and will face in the future. Throughout the years Bostik Philippines has proven that not only can they deliver solutions for all constructions needs but are also prepared to institute unique ways to market their products for all contractors, big and small.

“I expect Bostik to deliver their promises of yesterday and solve every engineering hurdle of today for a better tomorrow” as Engr. Atong Cabel delineates in a few words his expectations with Bostik Philippines. The merger of two of the roaring brands in their respective line of business - Bostik in construction products and Arkema in developing specialty chemicals - will only further advance the scope of possibilities for Bostik Philippines.

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