Supervulcaseal is out and about

In 2016, a whopping number of 2.5 million vehicles are registered in the National Capital Region and every day, a large number of vehicles pass through the C-5 road. For Bostik, reaching a large audience is possible with this high-traffic location.

One of Bostik’s major brands, Super Vulcaseal is now on a series of marketing efforts. First is the “Tapal King” billboard displayed in the bustling C-5 road, Taguig City. The outdoor advertisement was placed last September 25, 2016 and measures 300 feet (width) x 15 feet (height). Along with this, posters and flyers are distributed in local hardware stores.

Aside from the brilliant billboard, utilizing Facebook as a marketing channel is also a firm move for Bostik. When one visits the Facebook page of Bostik, one can expect posts that are not only engaging but also informative and entertaining. Facebook is after all a social medium that serves as a good platform to continue building strong customer interactions and lasting relationships through valuable and relatable social media content. Aside from going digital, we also have a TV ad that showcases the new packaging of Super Vulcaseal and the new face of “Tapal King”. Super Vulcaseal is an elastomeric sealant that is best used for sealing, patching, and filling of leaks, cracks, holes in gaps in different surfaces.

Through Facebook we are able to reach consumers faster and better. We can answer inquiries in no time and be in sync with the latest trends in social media. In the future, Bostik will feature more products in its Facebook page to assist consumers with their smart adhesive needs. Check out Bostik Philippines Facebook page at and hit like to know more about its products.

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