Tapal king taps the light rail transit

Bostik Super Vulcaseal has finally reached the audience in a whole new way. The latest on its list of marketing efforts – ticket gate advertisement. Tapal King has now put the message in front of the metro commuters, where other out-of- home advertising formats can’t reach.

Placed on seven (7) LRT-1 stations, the Bostik Super Vulcaseal ticket gate ad is now generating multiple exposures, seven days a week to the audience. Whether they’re getting to where they live, work, shop, or play the Bostik Super Vulcaseal ad creates a quick recall to every consumer funneling though the ticket gate. This placement truly has its advantages:

  • Delivers varied audience – from all backgrounds, age, income 
  • Unmissable with its colorful, innovative design that demands attention 
  • A unique OOH format

Bostik Super Vulcaseal is the leading brand of elastomeric sealant in the county and the company’s flagship brand. Super Vulcaseal has always been the Tapal King of Filipino homes – from sealing, patching and filling of leaks, cracks, holes, and gaps in corrugated metal, roofing, gutters, downspouts and plumbing pipes. 

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