Truly Dependable



President and General Manager of MB Techno Solutions, Martin Fortes shares a truly dependable 10-year business relationship with Bostik Philippines. MB Techno Solutions specializes in waterproofing and flooring which caters to top 20 builders and developers of buildings, malls hospitals, and schools.

“We’ve been in partnership with Bostik since 2006 and so far we’ve been very happy with them and we’ve never had any back jobs or returns from our clients. A reliable partner for years now” says President Martin Fortes.  Bostik, as a very reliable partner of MB Techno Solutions, provides all the products for waterproofing needs. Bostik delivers unfailingly only the superior waterproofing products and even lends a hand with a few of their marketing campaigns.

 As Bostik continues to grow as one of the strongest contenders in the waterproofing business in the Philippines and worldwide we are sure to bring you better and top grade products, and with the ongoing merger with Arkema, Bostik is sure to deliver this promise in just a short time, this merger is to solidify the future of the innovation of Bostik Products whereas Arkema focuses in developing liquid chemicals that will foster our product development and with this we are very positive that more and more clients will patronize Bostik Products as to how MB Techno Solutions continues to entrust us in business.

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