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Produced for superior performance on a wide variety of flooring types, Bostik’s Ultraset® adhesive systems provide tough, flexible bonds across a variety of subfloor substrates including concrete, plywood, and fibre cement sheets. They allow flexibility within the wood as it expands and contracts naturally over the life of the floor, and guarantee a strong bond that ensures no movement of the applied flooring, resulting in end user comfort around the home or commercial site. 

Further to this, Bostik’s adhesives feature antimicrobial properties to inhibit the growth of mould and mildew on the surface of the cured adhesive, as well as low VOCs, emissions and odour for the user, all at the same time as not compromising bond strength and long-term results. 

Bostik Ultraset® is suitable for all installations where wood flooring can be bonded directly onto a multitude of substrates. Whether you are working with solid or engineered wood, our floor adhesives offer a range of benefits to reduce application risk and improve overall performance.



Bostik Ultraset® 2 in 1 is a high performance hardwood flooring adhesive and moisture control membrane all in one. With Bostik’s breakthrough AXIOS® Tri-Linking™ Polymer Technology, Ultraset® 2 in 1 maintains the superior long term durability and moisture protection properties of high-end urethane hardwood floor adhesive, but it is easier to spread and clean off of prefinished flooring, even after full cure. Bostik Ultraset® 2 in 1 has zero VOC’s (as calculated per SCAQMD Rule 1168) and does NOT contain any water.

  • 2 in 1: flooring adhesive and moisture vapor control
  • Easy clean before & after cure
  • Lifetime warranty for unlimited moisture vapor protection.


Ultraset® 3 in 1 is a high performance adhesive, moisture control and sound reduction membrane all in one. It uses Bostik’s breakthrough AXIOS® Tri-Linking™ Polymer Technology to replace the typical 3-step flooring installation system of a vapour barrier, acoustic matting and multiple layers of adhesive.

  • 3 in 1 formula: Adhesive, sound reduction and moisture control
  • Zero VOC (as calculated per SCAQMD Rule 1168)
  • Extremely low moisture vapour permeability
  • Superior sound control typically outperforms 3mm rubber underlay
  • Anti-fracture performance can bridge crack up to 3mm
  • Thickness Control™ Spacer Technology maintains the adhesive thickness between hardwood flooring and substrate
  • No restriction on board length or width.


Bostik Ultraset® SF is a one-part solvent free polyurethane elastomeric adhesive formulated to adhere most types of hardwood floors.

  • Best suited to hardwood floors
  • Solvent and VOC-free formulation 
  • Remains flexible after full cure, with excellent final strength 
  • Suitable over radiant heating
  • Can be sanded after 24 hours   
  • Best choice for battens and joists
  • Available in 16kg pail, 600mL sausage, and 300mL cartridge.


Ultraset® HP provides premium application and service performance while minimizing environmental and health impacts. Ultraset® HP complies with the most rigorous standards set forward by local and globally recognized authorities.

  • Suitable for hardwood and engineered boards 
  • Non-hazardous, solvent and isocyanate free formulation
  • Remains flexible after a bubble-free cure, with excellent initial grab and final strength 
  • Suitable over radiant heating
  • Tack free time at 23° 50% RH is approximately 1.25 hours, with a walk on time of 16 hours (light traffic)
  • Available in 16kg pail or 600mL sausage.

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