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Made for a variety of soft flooring applications

Modern design trends and the wide number of soft flooring options available in the market requires specialist adhesive to ensure they bond to the floor for years or even decades.

Bostik Laybond® is a range of professional soft flooring adhesives that bonds everything from carpet, carpet tiles to underlays, fibre, linoleum, vinyl sheet and LVT products. The Bostik range of soft flooring adhesives are also compatible with the Bostik range of waterproofing and floor levelling products, so you can rely on Bostik for a total solutions-based system when applying soft flooring materials from start to finish.

So the next time you are looking to lay down soft flooring, you have the confidence to know that the Bostik Laybond range is made for any soft flooring project big or small.

Soft flooring adhesives: Smart innovations

In addition to its product capabilities, the Bostik Laybond range has a long shelf life of 24 months across all 5 products. Each product comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate both the DIY market and the professional tradesman market.

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