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Smart truck & trailer adhesives & sealants

Based on 1C, 2C and 3C polyurethane as well as silyl modified polymer (SMP) technologies, our adhesives and sealants:
  • Enhance versatility with compatibility to lightweight substrates and dissimilar materials, including glass on aluminum, aluminum on steel and polyester to metal
  • Improve sustainability and worker safety with no isocyanates in SMP formulations and low VOCs
  • Increase vehicle lifespan with environmental, load and impact resistance levels
  • Heighten durability with vibration, corrosion and deformation resistance due to elastic bonding capabilities
  • Streamline production with primerless adhesion, heating abilities and adaptive production times

Featured Product: Marothaan

Featured Product: Marocol 61129

Additionally, as an Arkema company, we offer recyclable solutions combining Elium resins and our methyl methacrylate structural adhesives for assembling lightweight composites.

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