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The next-generation HMWI adhesive, to improve performance of diapers

Bostik, a leading global adhesive specialist for industrial, construction and consumer markets, has launched Bostik COLOR 3.0, a bio-based Hot Melt Wetness Indicator (HMWI) adhesive that enhances production process, increases sustainability and enables better consumer peace of mind.

This latest addition to Bostik’s leading absorbent hygiene adhesive series was developed specifically for application on the backsheet of diapers and features cleaner appearance, usage, emission, and smell.

Previous generations of HMWI adhesives in the market would appear yellow on the diaper surface and turn green or blue upon urine detection. Manufacturers would need to work around the limitation in design of the backsheet due to the noticeable yellow appearance. With Bostik COLOR 3.0, they will be able to leverage a HMWI that presents transparent, neat, and clean appearance, resulting in more flexible designs and easy monitoring of diaper condition – which is especially crucial for parents with newborns or babies with sensitive skin.
Apart from having a more apparent colour change, Bostik COLOR 3.0 also offers better colour retention (endures overnight) and process ability (avoids tailing issues). The solution’s resistance to humidity prevents any premature colour change due to weather conditions, and its resistance to UV light avoids colour change resulting from UV exposure.
In terms of usage, Bostik COLOR 3.0 is suitable for a wide range of applications thanks to its compatibility with relatively difficult substrates such as PE films and nonwoven layers. Its stable thermal ability also reduces the chances of adhesive oxidation.
The cleaner emission provided by this next-generation hygiene adhesive allows manufacturers and end-users alike to enjoy sustainable benefits. The solution is the first USDA-certified bio-based product in the market, and is also AOX-free with over 50% of bio-based content. Bostik COLOR 3.0  can be applied at temperatures as low as 79.4°C, which is approximately 30°C lower than the application temperatures of other HMWI adhesives in the market.
Additionally, the latest HMWI adhesive formula enables early detection of urine to initiate quick diaper changes, resulting in minimal odour.

“Bostik is proud to be the pioneer of the hot melt wetness indicator (HMWI), having introduced this technology over 50 years ago. Since then, we’ve been continuously innovating the formula of the adhesive solution to improve diaper performances, such as better colour hues as well as cleaner and clearer colour indications, all while enabling energy and cost savings,” said Rockey Ye, Director of Hygiene, Paper and Cardboard BU, Asia, Bostik. “We look forward to sharing more about its key features and capabilities to customers in China, and eventually the APAC region.”
Bostik COLOR 3.0 was showcased by Bostik at CIDPEX 2023, which was held at the Nanjing International Expo Center in China in May 2023. It is now available in China as a solution compliant with China GB regulation (GB/T 35613-2017 & GB/T 36420-2018).
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