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Kizen ICE

  • Product

Based on a unique water-white technology, Kizen® ICE is part of Kizen, the next generation hot melt adhesives for case and carton sealing and tray erecting product line.

Kizen® Force

  • Product

Kizen® Force is a hot melt adhesive based on a unique water-white technology dedicated to case and carton sealing and tray forming, and particularly for the food industry.

Kizen™ HEAT

  • Product

Ideal for hot filling application, end of line packaging, including case and carton sealing and tray erecting, Kizen HEAT is the high temperature resistant hot melt adhesive in the Kizen product line that enables adhesive savings and improves plant efficiency.

Kontaktmassa X

  • Product

Kontaktmassa X is a 1-component butyl based thermally conductive mastic for appliance applications. It is a mastic that is stable over a wide temperature range and features a good adhesion to all metal surfaces, powder coated and painted surfaces.