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What to consider when installing an LVT floor

I need to glue down LVT flooring.

Do you need to install an LVT floor? We have the perfect adhesive for a stress-free and long-lasting installation of your flooring.

You need a special high performance LVT adhesive.

I am installing an LVT floor in a kitchen or a bathroom.

Wet or humid rooms subject their flooring to heavy stresses. Only an adhesive perfectly suited to this environment will allow a lasting bond.

You will need a polyurethane or epoxy floor adhesive.

There are 3 different ways LVT flooring can be laid.

LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) is PVC flooring that comes in the form of tiles or planks.

  • Floating installation with click LVT tiles or planks
  • Loose lay system utilising a high strength tackifier or pressure sensitive adhesive to resist lateral movement. This is only suitable for stable tiles under stable conditions
  • Glue down installation where the flooring is fully and permanently bonded.

Everything you need to know before installing an LVT floor

Wondering which products you need to use for your LVT flooring project? Below you can find all the information you need for every unique solution.

Adhesive for LVT

Introducing the ideal adhesive for LVT flooring

In the absence of particular constraints related to the installation or the environment, and in the case of a glued installation of PVC flooring, use a high-performance adhesive. This type of LVT adhesive should offer a very high final cohesion to limit the dimensional variations of the flooring.

Do you plan to apply it in a domestic interior or are you going to apply it in busy areas with heavy foot traffic?

Stix A800 Premium

Bostik STIX A800 PREMIUM is a solvent-free acrylic adhesive with very low VOC emissions (EC1 Plus), and a powerful immediate grab.


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Are you planning a loose lay installation?

Stix A740 Multi Best

Bostik STIX A740 MULTI BEST is a resin modified, solvent-free acrylic adhesive for use with resilient floor coverings. The adhesive's unique formulation offers extremely strong wet bonding whilst also providing a long open time.


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LVT adhesive intended for wet rooms

Two-part polyurethane adhesive

Bathrooms and kitchens are subject to strong constraints: humidity, frequent cleaning with detergents, etc. Gluing LVT flooring in this type of environment is possible provided you use a suitable adhesive.

STIX P956 2K

An adhesive with a high bonding performance for laying floor coverings subjected to heavy use or high mechanical or thermal stress. For the bonding of PVC, rubber, linoleum, carpets, synthetic grass and sports flooring.


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High performance, high temperature flooring adhesive

LVT tiles or planks glued behind a bay window, conservatory, atrium or glass fronted building can be subject to considerable thermal change. The LVT adhesive needs to be very strong to prevent any deformation.

Stix A550 Power Elastic

Bostik STIX A550 POWER ELASTIC is a versatile, premium acrylic adhesive suitable for a wide variety of floor coverings. The solvent-free formulation has a low odour and very low VOC emissions (EC1 Plus).


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