Vitel® 2200B

    Bostik Vitel® 2200B copolyester coating resin can be used in applications that require high cohesive strength.

    Key Features

    • Clear primer for oriented PET films
    • Label lacquers
    • Prinking inks


    Copolyester Coating Resin

    Bostik Vitel® 2200B is a linear saturated copolyester coating resin with a high molecular weight. The cured adhesive has a hard, resinous amorphous polymer finish with high tensile strength and low elongation. Ideal for specialized use alone or in applications requiring high cohesive strength, this premium quality resin is a smart choice as a primer, ink pigment binder, and lacquer or hard top coating. The copolyester coating resin also offers good dielectric properties and retains its physical properties after ultraviolet light exposure. Thanks to its abrasion resistance and excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, Vitel® 2200B is versatile enough for a wide variety of specialized applications.

    Click below for a short video about Vitel 2200B.

    Vitel 2200 from Bostik on Vimeo.

    Call our Smart Help Hotline for more information about Bostik Vitel® 2200B copolyester coating resin at 1-800-726-7845.

    Technical Data Sheet

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