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As more adhesives continue to be used in automotive assembly, it’s important for OEMs to understand the full scope of their adhesive selections. Take a look at how Bostik is positioned to serve the automotive adhesive market at a global scale.

Complete Range of Automotive Adhesive Technologies

Bostik manufactures a complete range of automotive adhesives differentiated to meet specific application demands. These adhesive technologies include:

  • Liquid: high-performance liquid adhesives for lamination
  • Hot melt: smart web and film adhesives for lamination, polyamide adhesives for attachment
  • Reactive: reactive pressure sensitive and polyamide SMP for bonding and sealing
  • Structural: elastosol for body in white and 2kPU low emission for repair


Serving Global Automotive Market Needs

Each of these automotive adhesive technologies is specially formulated to address global automotive market trends.

  1. Lightweight

Bostik’s adhesives are lightweight, aiding in vehicle fuel efficiency. In particular, our hot melt web and film adhesives offer consistent, uniform coverage without adding weight to the vehicle design.

Additionally, our elastosols help improve thinner steel plate bonding, which furthers weight reduction capabilities.


  1. Sustainability

In response to sustainability pressures, our adhesives are safe to use, offering low VOC emissions. In addition, they use label-free technologies. These include:

  • 2kPU for plastic repair
  • HMPUR for lamination
  1. Durability

Designed to improve car’s durability overall, our adhesives offer the following capabilities in particular:

  • Extended aging properties
  • High temperature resistance

As a result, Bostik’s adhesives reassure OEMs that these cars will be able to withstand application demands without resulting in bond failure.

  1. Productivity

Enhancing operational efficiencies, Bostik’s automotive adhesives help keep production lines moving. In particular, our web and film adhesives reduce production time by offering shorter cycle times and fewer assembly steps. Additionally, our products enable cost savings with features such as primerless assembly.

Arkema Synergy

Working closely with Arkema, our parent company, Bostik’s global automotive capabilities extend even further. As joint solution providers, Bostik and Arkema are able to span more of the automotive value chain. This enables Bostik to provide solutions for:

  • Interior
  • Body in white
  • Exterior
  • Aftermarket

For information on how Bostik’s versatile and innovative products can meet your needs throughout the globe, call 800-7-BOSTIK, or visit

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