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In today’s society, consumer preferences increasingly influence what brands do in order to catch consumers’ attention, build loyalty and increase sales. Find out why transparency is top of mind in consumer preferences and what you can do to address it. 

Why Consumers Want Transparent Packaging

Consumers increasingly care about the following:

  • Fresh foods
  • Reduced waste

Transparent packaging can help address both preferences. By being clear, consumers are better able to assess food freshness to determine if the food is of good quality. Therefore, they’re more likely to purchase the product if they can see through its packaging and have that reassurance.

Properly constructed clear packaging can also extend food freshness and increase its shelf life. This helps reduce waste and appeals to consumers’ increased sense of environmental responsibility.

Why Consumers Want Transparent Brands

Consumers also feel that it’s important for the brands themselves to be transparent in addition to their packaging. This is because today’s shoppers place increasing emphasis on the following:

A brand’s origins

What ingredients the brand uses

The brand’s production standards

As a transparent brand, it causes consumers to also feel an enhanced sense of trust and loyalty for it. This increases consumers’ sense of believing in the brand, because they feel the brand cares about the same things they do.

One way brands can convey their transparent identity is through their labels. While many consumers may search for brand information on their phones and online, the package label and overall packaging appearance plays a significant role in how a consumer views a brand and whether or not they purchase the product.

Bostik can help your transparent packaging efforts. Offering innovative anti-fog heat seal coatings, these solutions enable clear packaging while improving operational efficiencies. Additionally, Bostik’s label adhesives are able to maintain performance in various temperatures and environmental conditions, enhancing overall package aesthetics.

For more information on these solutions and how they can help you improve transparency, contact us today.

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