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Given governmental pressures to reduce solvent use, carmakers are moving away from solvent-based adhesives for automotive assembly and turning toward hot melts. While not commonly used in the past, hot melt adhesives are quickly becoming the solution of the future. Find out key benefits these solutions bring to the automotive assembly process and why you should consider them for your production lines.

Fast Adhesion

As manufacturers are pressured to meet higher output demands in less time, automotive hot melt adhesives help them do so. Hot melts set as heat dissipates and are 100% solids. By not having to wait for solvents or water to evaporate, manufacturers are able to keep production lines moving faster than in the past. 

Versatile Performance

Additionally, hot melt adhesives are able to offer varied performance levels depending on specific application needs. For example, certain applications require different heat resistance levels or bond strengths. Automotive hot melt adhesives can be formulated to meet these certain needs. Additionally, they can bond to a variety of substrates, including composites and low surface energy materials, in a variety of shapes and sizes. This increases design flexibility options as well.


Lightweight Bonding

Furthermore, automotive hot melt adhesives aid in the industry’s overall need to improve fuel efficiency. Offering consistent coverage throughout an automotive part, these adhesives improve durability and strength without creating additional weight.

Smart Automotive Hot Melt Adhesives

Bostik formulates a range of hot melt adhesives designed for many automotive applications, from door panels to headliners, weatherstrips to upholstery. By understanding the evolving needs of the industry, Bostik is able to address customers’ needs with a smart adhesive or innovate with them to create one to their specific requirements. Efficient, fast, safe and high performing, these hot melt adhesives further improve the automotive assembly process and end-use products overall. For more information on these solutions, visit