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As RV manufacturers look for ways to reduce production costs without compromising quality, silyl modified polymer (SMP) technology can help for exterior bonding. Formulated with both adhesive and sealant capabilities, SMP is ideal for the following adhesive applications:

  • Composite skin-to-core bonding
  • Sidewall and floor panel bonding
  • Windshield bonding

Gain insight into how SMP bonding helps reduce costs while improving end-use quality.

RV exterior bonding

Efficient Bonding

Designed for applications that need to be moved immediately or shortly after installation, SMP adhesives offer:

  • Increased and controlled cure speed
  • Extended application opportunities
  • Good adhesion on a variety of surfaces
  • Short or long open times

Since it can be applied without primer, SMP further increases exterior bonding operational efficiencies by reducing production complexity, time and costs.

Weight Reduction

Formulated with elastic bonding technology, SMP offers a lightweight yet durable bonding solution. As more RV manufacturers switch from fasteners to adhesives, SMP poses further advantages:

  • Excellent bonds to composite and metal materials
  • Increased design opportunities
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Improved aesthetics

Aesthetic Appeal

Additionally, SMP is paintable, unlike certain other adhesive options on the market. This improves RVs’ aesthetic appeal for consumers while also further increasing manufacturing flexibility. SMP also has excellent UV, temperature and weather resistance.

For more information on how SMP bonding solutions can aid in your RV manufacturing processes, view this relevant content:

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