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Learn why you can incorporate a bio-based membrane with HMPURs in textile lamination and why it's possible to receive both options from one place.

As a technical textile manufacturer, you likely already know many manufacturers are shifting away from traditional membranes and turning to a certain alternative, bio-based membrane film that can help address sustainability challenges without impacting performance.

However, you may not know that it’s possible to receive both the bio-based membrane and the hot melt polyurethane adhesives (HMPURs) for application to textiles from one supplier.

Learn about the benefits of using this bio-based membrane, why it works well with HMPURs and how the right supplier can make it easy to receive both options in one place and improve logistics.

Bio-Based Membrane Benefits

This monolithic breathable film is made from Arkema’s Pebax® Rnew® TPE material. Partially bio-based out of castor oil, it is produced without fluorinated additives and still provides the required performance associated with traditional membranes. This includes:

  • Waterproof protection: This bio-based membrane allows water vapor to diffuse by dissipation and absorption, allowing the end user to feel dry and increase comfort. When compared to traditional membranes, it provides a similar or higher moisture vapor transition rate.
  • Permeability: Its monolithic structure helps enable breathability specifically, which also serves to increase consumer comfort by wicking away moisture and maintaining odor control.
  • Flexibility: The bio-based solution offers improved comfort to help protect textile applications from wear and tear. In addition, its low Tg allows for increased flexibility in cold environments.

Additionally, this bio-based membrane can be applied to textiles using conventional techniques such as gravure lamination; this helps keep your investment costs and changes to a minimum. You're able to use your existing equipment when making the switch from a traditional membrane.

Why This Bio-Based Membrane Works with HMPURs

Based on one-component, moisture curing urethane technology, HMPURs offer versatile performance and can be used with this bio-based membrane for textile lamination. Suitable for applications where a flexible bond is required, HMPURs maintain high strength bonding while providing elasticity up to 3,000 psi tensile strength. HMPURs also offer excellent wash resistance, which helps improve the overall structural integrity and prevents delamination.

How Bostik Makes It Easy to Use the Bio-Based Membrane with HMPURs

As the adhesives solution segment of Arkema, Bostik values the ability to serve as a one-stop-shop for your textile lamination needs, which is why we offer both our bio-based membrane and HMPURs. We also are vertically integrated to provide you solutions no matter your location and understand that relying on one supplier for all your needs can easily help simplify your processes.

Based off Pebax® Rnew® TPE material from Arkema, our alternative, bio-based membrane helps protect end users and the environment.

Our Supergrip® HMPURs are based on one-component, moisture curing urethane technology that provide good green strength and high heat resistance with fast processing speeds. Suitable for textile applications that require flexibility, Supergrip® HMPURs provide strong bonding to rigid and non-rigid textiles. Additionally, when used with bio-based membranes based on Pebax® material, Supergrip® solutions further reduce solvents, because they are made of 100% solids.

Are you looking for a one-stop-shop for your textile lamination needs that can also help you improve sustainability in your end-use product? Contact a Bostik expert to learn how we can provide a range of adhesive solutions that will enable you to rely on one supplier for enhanced performance, processing and sustainability.

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