Window & Door Adhesives

Smart adhesives for building construction 

Bostik leads the building components and weatherproofing market with our adhesive products for windows and doors. With over 125 years in the industry, Bostik has developed the knowledge and expertise that enable us to give our customers the quality products they have come to expect from our company. 

With applications from assembly, backbedding, and foam-in-place flexible gaskets to installation products, Bostik’s window and door adhesives make us the top resource for all of our customers’ needs.

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Adhesive products for window and door applications

Bostik’s Pro-MS 50 is a market-leading window and door product in building components and weatherproofing. This product is a solvent-free silyl modified polyether that performs well in window and door applications. With class leading color stability and UV resistance, it also has adhesion to Kynar® coated metals.

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Offering superior adhesion to glass, metals and plastics, Bostik’s window and door assembly adhesives are robust and have wide application windows. They also have high elastic recovery, which enables them to stretch under extreme temperature, barometric pressure and winds. 

Discover the importance of jobsite adhesion testing for sealants

Bostik’s backbedding adhesives offer great adhesion to glass, vinyl, aluminum and wood substrates. This line of products includes warm-applied hybrid polymer technology and ambient-applied high-performance grades. They offer significant benefits over competitive glazing compounds on the market, with a thicker formulation for higher green strength and less squeeze-out and a higher reactivity for faster cure.

Bostik’s foam-in-place (FIP) products for window and door applications are versatile and durable with excellent high temperature sag resistance.  Available in a range of technologies such as styrenic block copolymer, polyolefin and polyurethane, FIP products have excellent adhesion to building materials.  Our products cut direct labor costs, minimize waste and scrap, and reduce material costs per unit.

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