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Bostik New Zealand wants to contribute to Kiwi Builders’ elective learning with the chance to earn LBP points, thanks to its High Tack adhesive. View our presentation video or download our brochure to read more on how Bostik's MS grab adhesive can benefit you and your building projects.

Earn LBP Points with Bostik High Tack

Bostik New Zealand wants to contribute to Kiwi Builders’ elective learning with the chance to earn LBP points thanks to Bostik High Tack.
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An adhesive is a flexible material that is used to bond two or more
substrates together where strength is required. 

For all professional craftsman in the building and construction industry who need to adhere building materials with ease are now starting to look for smarter solutions. Historically, builders and tradesmen favoured mechanical fixings to attach skirting boards, shelves, door frames etc. but now more and more are choosing to use and trust grab adhesives to save them valuable time. They provide excellent adhesion and bonding strength to most solid building materials and can be used as a gap-filling adhesive. They are also ideal for vertically bonding heavy elements. 


In general adhesives can be divided into two types; structural adhesives and non-structural adhesives. 

Structural Adhesives: Structural adhesives or load-bearing adhesives are capable of holding two or more substrates together, bearing the forces involved for the lifetime of the product. Structural adhesives often need engineering solutions, starting with the necessary design calculations, testing and precise application procedures, such as panel bonding and structural glazing. 

Non-structural Adhesives: Non-structural adhesives bond a range of similar or dissimilar substrates wherever load-bearing strength is not required. A non-structural adhesive is applied in a more generic type of application, where besides some general guidance on the correct procedures, no further special or restrictive measures are needed. 


Bostik High Tack H785 is the original, high quality, professional MS adhesive with extremely high initial tack and strength – it can withstand 450kg/m2 (based on initial adhesion and immediate strength).

Specifically developed as a universal high grip and high strength adhesive for bonding many building materials. It doesn’t require mechanical fixings or bracing while curing. Bostik High Tack is a solvent-free, moisture and weather resistant and is suitable for internal and external applications.

Bostik High Tack can be used on concrete, stone, mirrors, glass, plasterboard, PU, uPVC, hard plastics, enamel, ceramics, copper, lead, zinc, tin, aluminium, metals, alloys, stainless steel, HPL and cement fibre panels and wood.

Contact one of our technical team for more information on our instant grab range, or simply call 0508 222 272


MS Safe Fix
  • Product
Solvent free, high performance MS construction adhesive
MS Safe Seal
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BRANZ appraised, high performance construction sealant
High Tack H785
  • Product
Instant grab MS adhesive