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Bostik New Zealand wants to contribute to Kiwi Builders’ elective learning with the chance to earn LBP points, thanks to its wallboard construction adhesive range.

View our presentation videos or read below on how Bostik's construction adhesives range can benefit you and your building projects.

Earn LBP Points with Bostik’s construction adhesives

Bostik New Zealand wants to contribute to Kiwi Builders’ elective learning with the chance to earn LBP points thanks to its wallboard construction adhesives range. 
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An adhesive is a flexible material that is used to bond two or more substrates together where strength is required. For the construction market they are used to build or renovate the buildings where we live and work. Whether they’re under the floors, behind the walls or used in the building’s structure, it’s almost certain that one of our smart adhesives is close by.

Adhering offers many benefits ranging from even stress distribution, reducing risk of corrosion, gap filling and sealing capability, weight savings to automating manufacturing processes, enhancing quality, sound reduction, improving aesthetics and lowering production costs.

Bostik New Zealand offers five different construction adhesives that can be used on a variety of different substrates.

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Bostik’s range of non-slump elastomeric Wallboard and Construction adhesives include solvent-based and water-based technologies. Proudly made in NZ since 1959, the range includes the original, iconic, market-leading Wallboard Gold. Not just for wallboards, these products can be used for a wide variety of construction projects. 

Bostik Wallboard Gold The original, is a high strength, flexible and easy-to-use wallboard and construction adhesive. Made in NZ since 1959 and with a 40-year BRANZ durability opinion. Designed for adhering to a wide variety of wallboards and panels, and for multiple fixing jobs both indoors and outdoors. 

Bostik Gold Ultra A premium water-based, high-bond construction adhesive. Due to its fast-curing nature, Gold Ultra is designed for fixing wall and floor panels, and bonding to a wide range of substrates including timber, metal, gypsum, masonry, ceramic, Formica, polystyrene and most other construction material, as long as one substrate is porous. 

Download our brochure for more information on Bostik's Gold range.


Bostik’s Tuf As Nails range provide good bond strength and adhesion to most common substrates and works on most timber treatments. The non-slump, easy gunning formulation is ideal for ceiling applications and works well even in low temperatures. The range includes solvent-based and water-based technologies, as well as special formulation designed for solvent sensitive substrates.

Tuf As Nails General Purpose A solvent-based, high strength, highly versatile construction adhesive, designed for bonding most panels to vertical studs or overhead joists. Excellent wet grab – good wet body, or initial grip. Cured adhesive is very tough and flexible. 

Tuf As Nails Original A specially formulated, high modulus construction adhesive designed for bonding most common building materials and is ideal for solvent sensitive substrates such as polystyrene and acrylic shower linings. Low to high stress loadings. Adds rigidity and stiffness. 

Tuf As Nails Water Based A non-toxic, high strength acrylic construction adhesive, suitable for timber and steel framing. Ideal for Green Builds. 

Download our brochure for more information on Bostik's Tuf As Nails range.


Gold Ultra
  • Product
Water-based general purpose construction adhesive
Tuf As Nails General Purpose
  • Product
Panel adhesive
Tuf As Nails Original
  • Product
Polystyrene safe construction adhesive
Tuf As Nails Water Based
  • Product
Water based construction adhesive
Wallboard Gold Original
  • Product
Stud and wallboard adhesive