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UCA® stands for Unique Compatibility Additives. The compatibility of caulks, sealants and fillers with paint is ensured by our unique, proven UCA® Technology. Bostik caulk, sealant and fillers with the UCA® logo offer the best possible compatibility with paint due to specially selected: 

  • raw materials
  • specialised additives
  • dedicated R&D testing facilities 

All products in this portfolio come with a clear and transparent CE marking, EN 15651 part 2.

Prepare joints
Caulks, sealants and fillers are applied to prepare joints, holes and window frames before overpainting. The right solution for each task is the basis for excellent painted results. In many cases caulks, sealants, fillers and paint are more or less compatible. However, when overpainting them, painters face challenges and risks which affect the end result. Various technical problems can be prevented with the right products and preparation.

Contact our technical team for informed, professional consultation. 

Support & Explanation

The Bostik professional Decoration & Paint portfolio is fully equipped with French A+ VOC certifications and some also come with the EMICODE and Finnish M1 certifications as well.  

The product characteristics and performance of all these products is developed and optimised in close cooperation with professionals of the Decoration & Paint branche. This is to ensure that the painters, contractors and paint wholesalers can apply a high quality product in the most convenient way with maximum results.  

For more information we have developed the Decoration & Paint brochure, where we explain the types of certifications. Download the brochure on this page.

Also our technical representatives are always available for you for technical questions and product recommendations. 

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