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Cementitious grouts for the building and construction industry

Bostik cementitious grouts are examples of how formulated products offer specific qualities to the construction industry.

Grout Classification

Cement has a natural tendency to shrink during curing. There are two common forms of shrinkage:

  • Early age shrinkage (also called plastic shrinkage) is predominantly due to water evaporating from the matrix.
  • Post hardening shrinkage (also called drying shrinkage) is a result of ongoing chemical reactions and hardening.

Class A grouts: (also referred to as General Purpose) are non-shrink during the plastic state.

Class C grouts: (also known as Performance Grouts) are shrinkage compensated (non-shrink) during both the plastic and post hardened state.

Construction grouts: Smart innovations

Applying the right floor primer can greatly improve adhesion of self-levelling underlay to subfloors resulting in a more secure and durable installation. Primers are materials used as a preparatory coating to enhance adhesion of overlaying compounds. They regulate absorption rate of porous substrates and improve adhesion to non-porous materials. Various impervious substrates are becoming a norm. Uses of appropriate primers are necessary to ensure good bonding to these substrates. Failure to do so can lead to de-bonding of coverings.

Core Grouts

  • Bostik Flowfill Grout GP
  • Bostik Flowfill Panel Grout
  • Bostik Techflow Grout GP
  • Bostik Techflow Grout HES

Specialty Grouts

  • Bostik Techflow Grout HS
  • Bostik Techflow LA Grout
  • Bostik Flowfill Grout UW

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