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Construction Grouts & Concrete Repair

Advances in construction techniques are ongoing. In recent years, many have only become possible through corresponding developments in cementitious product design. Today's use of cementitious products in building, construction and mining is significant and in some cases has reached the point where much of the product is an important structural component of the building.

Bostik is focused on offering an extensive range of cementitious products, designed specifically to address the advancements in practices throughout the civil and construction markets.

Bostik offers multi-purpose non-shrink grouts, for structural and non-structural applications, including precision grouting, base plates, precast components, machinery and equipment bases, anchor bolts, concrete repair, keyway joints, load bearing pads and other non-shrink applications.

Product lines featured in our construction grouts & concrete repair range include:

  • Class A Construction Grouts
  • Class B Construction Grouts
  • Concrete & Patch Repair

Construction grouts & concrete repair: Smart innovations

A high quality blend of Portland cement and non-shrink additives mixed with water produces a durable, high-strength material useful for grouting and general concrete applications on both indoor and outdoor projects.

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