Vitel® 2475

Vitel 2475 Copolyester Coating Resin

Copolyester Coating Resin

Bostik used its extensive polyester formulation and can coatings experience to develop a Vitel® copolyester resin for interior can coatings that closely matches the benefits beverage and food packaging suppliers seek. Vitel 2475 is a saturated, linear, high molecular weight copolyester resin designed for high-performance cap and can coating applications.

An alternative to epoxies that contain the potentially harmful BPA (Bisphenol A), the retortable Vitel 2475 copolyester, when cross-linked, offers the stability, protection and durability that food-can and beverage producers need. The resin delivers exceptional flexibility and retort resistance, and Vitel 2475 requires less cross-linker to achieve the same resistance due to its higher reactivity.

When used as a binder, the resin offers improved heat and chemical resistance as well as overall coating durability. Its superior chemical resistance is due in part to a high glass transition temperature, which also provides resistance to aggressive canning sterilization cycles. Alcohol content is not restricted with Vitel 2475, so it can be used in beverage containers and applications requiring compliance with alcohol products greater than 8% ABV.

Vitel 2475 meets various international compliances, is available worldwide and supported by Bostik’s global team of experts. It is an advancement toward safer, healthier food packaging.

  • Resistance to aggressive sterilization cycles
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals and high alcohol content food products
  • Formulated without BPA

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