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Find out why our Senior Production Operator, Jeff David, likes his role at Bostik and plans to stick with it.

At Bostik, we pride ourselves on providing customers with the products they need across applications and around the globe. Our Senior Production Operator, Jeff David, has helped make that happen since 2017. We sat down with him to learn more about his experience working at Bostik and why he likes working here. 

Q: What brought you to Bostik, and what did you like best about the company when you first joined? 

A: Prior to joining Bostik, I worked in a book printing business and was responsible for operating the printing machines at that facility. During that time, I developed a solid understanding of what to do to ensure production goes smoothly and how to troubleshoot if it doesn’t. This experience helped me feel ready to join Bostik’s team when the opportunity arose, and my knowledge easily translated across industries. 

When I first joined, I was responsible for helping to keep our manufacturing lines running so that our customers get the products they need when they want them. What I liked best about the role right away was the fast-paced nature of it and the impact I was having on fulfilling customers’ requirements; I was directly responsible for helping our products get produced and shipped in a timely manner, which helped me see the value in my work from the start. 

Q: How has your role evolved since you joined? 

A: From the get-go, I liked the direct impact I was having on meeting customers’ needs by fulfilling their orders on time. However, I started to also realize how much I liked training others and sharing with them what I was learning.  

As I delved deeper into learning about quality control checks and how to make line adjustments, I wanted to impart that knowledge onto other newcomers so that they could feel armed for success as individuals, too. I felt that this would, in turn, help us all be more successful together as a team. 

I appreciated that Bostik recognized my efforts and promoted me to Senior Production Operator. I then became responsible for documenting an official training guide as well as setting up and running a new production line. This recognition helped me feel valued as an individual, though I especially liked how I could see the positive difference my trainings were having on my team members.

Q: What has been your most impactful project you’ve worked on thus far, and why? 

A: To answer that, I’ll first share that our production team works hard to produce products that are of high quality at a high quantity. I feel that we achieve that while also striving to continue to improve upon it. To do that, it caused us to innovate an existing production line so that it could produce a new type of product than what it was used for originally. This is because the output demand for that new product was rising rapidly. The role I played in this project is why I consider it my most impactful project to date. I welcomed the responsibility to completely own how the production line should run, how it needed to be optimized and why. It also meant that I could help teach others operate it properly, too, and that I directly contributed to our ability to meet customers’ rising demands. Bostik has previously given me the skills and knowledge to feel confident in my ability to do this, and I liked getting to showcase them with this project.    

Q: Think about a project that was challenging during your time at Bostik. Why was it challenging, and how did you help overcome it? 

A: When I first started at Bostik, we were running a certain line at a sub-optimal speed compared to our level of expectations. We knew this wasn’t ideal and were trying to improve it. This was especially difficult to address because we realized there could be many reasons as to why the line wasn’t running faster. So, we had to first identify the primary reasons and then determine which one to fix first. This took quite a bit of time, dedication and expertise. I contributed to identifying the causes, and we worked together as a team to solve them step by step. I enjoyed the challenge and feel that I, and everyone else, rose to it. This entailed redesigning certain aspects of the line and improving others. Ultimately, our changes allowed us to increase line speeds by 25% and better meet customers’ needs. 

Q: You’ve certainly accomplished a lot in your role thus far. What makes you want to stick with Bostik going forward? 

A: While I certainly like the direct impact I have on helping customers, the reason why I plan to stick with Bostik going forward has to do with the culture. I appreciate that Bostik has helped me feel supported as I’ve expanded my role and given me the tools and ability to do so. I also liked that Bostik has encouraged me to support others, too. I notice there is a sense of helpfulness about the team. We all feel invested in each other’s individual success as well as our success as a team. 

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