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SAF 103

  • Product

SAF's patented adhesives are Methyl Methacrylate adhesives. They have exceptional strength and flexibility. They are designed to bond a remarkable range of different substrates including metals, plastics and composite materials for industrial applications.

SAF 30-5

  • Product

SAF 30-5 is made of patented methacrylate adhesives and shows unmatched performance in term of resistance and flexibility.


  • Product

SF10M A+B is a PU laminating adhesive designed for recyclability and approved by Recyclass to be "fully compatible with PE flexible recycling stream."

STL 4025

  • Product

Bostik STL 4025 is patented pressure sensitive adhesive taking advantage of Bostik’s expertise in silylated modified polymers. It is mainly used in applications requiring durable labels such as electronics, appliances and automotive industries.


  • Product

Supergrip 9566 is a solvent-free, one-component, moisture reactive polyurethane prepolymer adhesive used in the automotive market.