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XPU 18045 An/B

  • Product

XPU 18045 An/B is a flexible two component polyurethane adhesive which can cure at ambient temperature or with heating. It is particularly adapted as solution regarding technical requirements of structural bonding supporting cryogenic conditions.

XPU 18512 AM/B

  • Product

Bostik XPU 18512 AM/B is a 2-component, polyurethane based, highly elastic adhesive that can be cured at room temperature or at elevated temperatures.

XPU 18539 M/A

  • Product

XPU 18539 M/A is a 2-component polyurethane based adhesive curing at room temperature as well as at higher temperatures.

XPU 20102

  • Product

XPU 20102 is a 2-component and MDI-free polyurethane adhesive specially designed for aftermarket applications.

XT 19067/1

  • Product

XT 19067/1 is a hot melt adhesive used in assembly for foam & mattress.