Construction Sealants


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Construction Sealant 

An inclusive range of construction sealants for professionals

A comprehensive joint sealant offering for the construction industry, providing reliable, flexible and waterproof joints for a broad range of applications.

As a leading global specialist in adhesive and sealant manufacturing, we’re dedicated to developing innovative products that respond to the highest standards and customer requirements in the construction market. 

Bostik sealants can be used for; façade & roofing systems, wall panels & partitions, weatherproofing, kitchen & bathroom and windows & doors. Our smart sealants are used for a broad range of applications in construction projects ranging from small domestic renovations, all the way up to river-spanning bridges and skyscrapers. 

Our customers benefit from our range of multi-purpose sealants, 2-in-1 sealants and adhesive products, as well as our innovative expansion joint technologies and quick-curing domestic range for creating fast, reliable joints in wet conditions.

Smart Innovations

Many of our smart sealants are recognized around the world for use in domestic and large-scale construction projects. One of our Innovative sealants is the Seal N Flex; Bostik sealant range provides a wider selection of products from urethanes, silicones and acrylics designed to address all professional applications. Bostik’s patented breakthrough sealant technology – ICON provides greater efficiency during the curing phase allowing the product to strongly link with the substrate. 

Explore our extensive range of construction sealants, from mold-resistant silicones to cutting-edge intumescent fireproofing solutions.

Construction Sealants: Technologies

Polyurethane sealant

Providing high bond strength and flexibility – this sealant technology is perfect for glazing and construction joints. Product technologies include PU sealant, two-part polyurethane sealants and one-part polyurethane sealants.

Silyl modified polymer (SMP)

An acid-free sealant used in a broad range of applications, providing a stronger adhesion performance than silicone. SMP can be applied in wet or dry conditions, has high bond strength, UV resistant, and can be used on a wide range of materials and substrates, making it an ideal performer for your construction needs. 

Silicone sealant 

An acid-free sealant used for sensitive surfaces against concrete and natural stone substrates. Our product range includes both low and mid modulus silicone sealant products. 

Please note, this sealant technology is not suitable for double glazing units. 

Mastic sealant

Ideal for sealing timber and windows, our mastic products cover silicone mastic and oil based mastic products.

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