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Polyurethane foams are one of the most versatile insulating materials that we know. In fact, polyurethane foams in the building and construction industry play an important role in improving performance: sustainability!

Nowadays expanding foams are used for thermal and sound insulation as well as airtightness and therefore significantly enhance the energy efficiency of buildings. Energy lost through walls, roofs and windows is the largest single waste of energy in most buildings. Energy loss means extra operating costs and loss of comfort, not to mention an increased carbon footprint. 

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The product characteristics and performance of all these products is developed and optimised in close cooperation with professionals who work with these products. This is to ensure that the professional and consumer can apply a high quality product in the most convenient way with maximum results.

For more information we have developed the Expanding Foam brochure, where we explain the types of certifications and all different applications. Our technical representatives are always available for you for technical questions and product recommendations.

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