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Nowadays, applications of glass in construction are highly variable. A world without glass as a building material is no longer imaginable. Aside from windows and doors, glass is also used in bathrooms, kitchens, staircases and even as façade cladding. As glass is widely used, it will often have to be sealed and sometimes bonded. 

Compared with other building materials, the expansion coefficient of glass is limited. This makes it necessary to use high-performance elastic products to guarantee a long service life once connected to other building materials. Whether it be insulation glass, anti-burglary glass, safety glass, fire-resistant glass, coated glass or monument glass, Bostik offers a high-performance portfolio for every glass type and application. 

All products in this portfolio come with a clear and transparent CE marking, EN 15651 part 2. 

The glaziers and professional craftsman consider the application and toolability of the product priority number one, whereas the client believes that durability and quality are the key starting points. Therefor Bostik is actively collecting market information and insights to be able to tick the box of both glaziers and professional craftsman as well as the client. 

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For the application segment Glazing Sealants, we can offer you a high performance silicones fit range of glazing applications from the general purpose to the highly specified. With excellent adhesion to glass, metals, timer and masonry, our glazing and cladding silicones are incredibly resistant to all weather and UV conditions. These glazing silicone sealants can be used as a window sealant such as a car window sealant or door sealant such as a garage door sealant or door weather stripping.

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