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For the construction of, for example, stone (ornamental) walls, flower boxes and pond edges, we offer you powerful adhesives, which are weather-resistant and can be used without problems in applications with both concrete stone and natural stone. Moreover, these sealants are very suitable for sealing connections between, among other things, (nature) stones.

Grouting materials

To keep the terrace and the pavement free of weeds for a long time, we provide you our joint materials. This joint materials also give the garden a beautiful appearance. Whether it is an application for your garden design, a garden path or terrace, or an application for pavement driven by traffic, Bostik has the solution.  

Substructure products

For the correct construction of the substrate under a terrace and pavement, you can use, among other things, a ready-to-use drainage mortar or a binder for split. With these products you are assured of the stability of the substrate and good drainage of (rain) water under the terrace and / or paving. 

Maintenance products

With the Bostik maintenance products, you can keep your decorative paving like new.

Bostik pre-treatment and cleaning products

As part of a complete adhesive system, the pre-treatment agents from the Bostik Garden & Landscaping range contribute to high-quality gluing. We also offers cleaners for various applications.

Bostik glue guns

Bostik offers you a number of hand guns with which you can easily process adhesives from the Bostik Garden & Landscaping range and helps you with your garden design. 

Support & Explanation

The product characteristics and performance of all these products is developed and optimised in close cooperation with professionals of the gardener range.

Contact our technical team for informed, professional consultation. 

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