Grab Adhesives

Grab adhesives for construction and around the home

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A versatile range of grab adhesives for all your construction and repair needs

Whether you’re working on a professional construction project or simply tackling some DIY, you’re sure to find a smart solution in our range of grab adhesives. 

Our groundbreaking grab products include some of Bostik’s most internationally-recognised and reputable technologies. 

Bostik’s DIY business in Germany, MEM, also recently received a ‘product of the year’ award for its Montage-Kleber Mega Power grab adhesive. This coveted prize was voted for by DIY store managers and readers of Bau Markt Manager magazine.

Grab adhesive: applications

From skirting boards and decorative wall panels, to carpet gripper strips and stair nosings, the potential uses of Bostik grab adhesives are almost endless. Our unique formulations provide excellent adhesion and initial grab, eliminating the need for nails, screws and rivets. 

Our grab adhesives can bond a seemingly unlimited variety of objects and substrates, with some of our products capable of maintaining this exceptional adhesion underwater, or in adverse weather conditions. We’ve even engineered products that can bond impervious and non-porous substrates together.    

Whether you’re working with glazed, plastic, metal, concrete, plaster, stone or wood based substrates, our solutions guarantee superior grab and gap filling with low odor formulations. 

Grab adhesive: adhesive technologies

Solvent based adhesive 

Our solvent based adhesives are unique formulations designed to bond a large variety of rigid or uneven materials and surfaces together. They also function well on vertical applications.

Water based adhesive

Our water based adhesives are not only solvent free, they’re also non-flammable and easy to clean.

As well as boasting high initial tack, they are overpaintable once fully cured or immediately after application, if you’re using a water based paint or emulsion. 

Silyl modified polymers (SMP)

Our silyl modified polymer technologies are specially formulated to ensure minimal shrinking and minimal scope for hazard within your decoration or renovation projects. As well as functioning across a wide temperature range, they are water and solvent-free adhesives, making them ideal for unconventional bonding tasks, such as adhering polystyrene sheets. 

Many of our SMP products are moisture-curing, forming a hard but elastic rubber seal that provides remarkable resistance to the elements.  

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