Window sealant and door sealant

Window Sealant and Door sealant

At Bostik, our mission to contribute towards healthy, sustainable and efficient housing development extends to every facet of domestic construction and assembly. 

Throughout the process of formulating our window and door sealant products, we not only strive to comply with the latest building codes and environmental standards, but also to ensure that our range of solutions continually meet the evolving demands of the field of construction. 

Whether you’re looking for edge sealant, backbedding sealant, or a desiccant matrix, our smart construction sealant technologies are built to defend your home or commercial construction project from the elements. 

As well as designing, manufacturing and distributing innovative solutions for your DIY, commercial or industrial endeavors, our team also offers technical expertise in a consulting capacity. 

Whether you are undertaking a renovation project or embarking on a completely new build, our technical support team is here to help. Contact us to find out how we can ensure your sealant application performs optimally and consistently. 

Window sealant and door sealant: sealant applications

As well as possessing excellent adhesion, our door and window sealants are easy to handle, apply and extrude - many of them also possess remarkably low moisture vapor transmission rates. Depending on your installation, it may be advantageous to select our products that possess high green strength, or low gas permeability.   

Our window and glass adhesives and sealants are designed to grant you maximum draft-exclusion properties and weatherproofing, while reducing labor costs and material wastage. If that wasn’t enough, our sealant range provides great flexibility due to varying application temperatures, handling times, curing rates, and cross-linking capabilities. 

Overall, choosing Bostik sealants will do more than simply weatherproof your home, commercial building, or factory, we can also drastically increase your production capacity and lower the overall cost of your operations.

Specially formulated for the perimeters of windows and doors, the weatherproofing and draft exclusion properties of these sealants place them at the forefront of technology in construction.

Our silicone and SMP solutions are free of acid and therefore perfect for home, commercial and industrial use. The versatility of our products grants you the freedom to work with a variety of sensitive substrate materials such as concrete and natural stone, as well as those found in exterior applications such as timber, glass and roofing sheets.

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