fire rated polyurethane foam Fillers

Fire Rated Polyurethane Foam Fillers

Self-expanding foam for an airtight, moisture resistant seal

Cavities or gaps in building materials and structures pose a significant fire, smoke and gas risk that can take hold of a dwelling in mere seconds. Having the right level of protection not only reduces the rate at which fire can take hold but also gives the occupants a greater chance to escape to safety.

Bostik fire rated polyurethane foams have been formulated to be fire retardant and seal connections between walls, floors, ceilings, partition walls, windows and door frames against smoke and gas. This ensures that all Bostik fire rated polyurethane foam fillers meet AS1530.4-2014 (Fire resistance of elements of construction). If your structure does not require a fire rated seal; you can discover more from the Bostik range of polyurethane foam fillers.


Fire rated polyurethane foam fillers: Smart innovations

Bostik fire rated polyurethane foam fillers have the benefits of regular polyurethane foam fillers with the addition of fire rated protection for up to 4 hours as well as acting as a smoke and gas retardant sealer. Once cured, it can be sanded smooth and painted over to provide the dwelling with discreet fire protection all year round.


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