Repair Adhesives

A range you can trust for almost anything and everything

In our busy lives, we rely on good quality products more than ever before but sometimes, the products we rely on can break, get damaged or even just get old from wear and tear. But that’s no reason to throw them away.

Bostik understands the importance these products have in your life. Not all of them merely serve a purpose as some of your personal belongings may hold a sentimental value. That’s why we have taken the time to understand what you need out of a superglue… the power to fix things quickly and easily. 

Product lines featured in our craft range include:

  • Superglues
  • Epoxy adhesives
  • Contact adhesives



Repair adhesives: Smart Innovations

When you choose a Bostik repair adhesive, you can be sure of a product that will not let you down.

Our repair adhesives utilise a number of beneficial chemical formulations, meaning we have the right adhesive for the job, no matter what. Whether it is repairs to split wooden furniture, cracked ceramic plates, shattered glassware or broken metal pieces of any kind, our adhesives can do the job.


Superglues - Made for when the unexpected happens

It’s a well-known part of life that the unexpected can happen, a broken handle here and a chipped picture frame there. Unfortunately, none of these items will fix themselves. 

Fortunately for you, Bostik have it covered with a range of superglues that are quick and easy to use as well as reliable. When time and convenience is of the essence, any job will be a quick job with Bostik Superglue.


Epoxy adhesives - When only an ultra-strong adhesive will do

No two projects or jobs are alike, and  some require something extra that conventional superglues are not quite able to deliver. If you are after a rigid adhesive that provides an ultra-strong bond, you can rely on Bostik’s range of epoxy (a resin and a hardener) adhesives available in tubes and user friendly syringes.


When the hardener and resin are mixed together, they are designed to give high bond strength and can be used across a wide range of materials and applications.

Many of the Bostik range of epoxy adhesives are solvent free and low odour which means you can achieve a high strength bond without the nasty formulations and odours. Each epoxy adhesive can be used in versatile applications and can be used for fix specific objects depending on your needs. Best of all you, can select between a user friendly syringe to accurately mix the hardener and resin together or you can do it yourself by mixing a hardener and resin  from separate tubes depending on the requirements of your job.


Contact adhesives - Just the right adhesive for just the right job

These general purpose neoprene adhesives are ideal for bonding larger surface areas. Used for applications like sticking carpets down and countertop laminations. Other compatible substrates include: wood, MDF, leather, cork and ceramics. 

Just apply to both backgrounds to be bonded, then break the bond and stick them back together. Simple!

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