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Improving convenience for the consumers’ use of absorbent hygiene can help differentiate your products. Choosing the right adhesive partner can help.

Busy parents … active adults … and even those facing health challenges can appreciate absorbent hygiene products that make their lives easier. The baby diapers, period care products, and articles for incontinence you produce already offer a level of convenience. But there are ways to provide even more.

Free up time and energy for what is most important to these consumers, and you could be one step closer to earning greater loyalty. The right absorbent hygiene adhesives from Bostik can help.


Adhesives enable ease of use and removal of diapers and pads

Consumers appreciate products that are quick to put on and remove. The easier it is to pull the diaper onto baby (or yourself) the better. This is one reason behind the rising popularity of pant-style diapers and incontinence articles. One quick motion, and it’s on. Build in options for removal like pull-off or tear-away, and their level of convenience goes up. Elastics at the waist can be a key component of these designs, supported by an elastic attachment adhesive.

For pad-style products for period care and light urinary incontinence, convenience takes on a different form. These users look for an article that is easy to attach, reposition, and remove, all of which rely on the pad attachment adhesive.

But choosing the right adhesive for your product requires an understanding of your target consumer. Their choice in underwear affects how well the pad will stay in place, as do regional preferences for lotions or perfumes. Pad attachment testing can also help ensure consumer satisfaction day after day.

Wetness indicators help simplify the task of caregiving

Since their introduction, wetness indicators have grown in popularity, owing in large part to the convenience they offer consumers. No need to slip a finger inside to check a diaper. One look and you know.

Over time, these modern conveniences have continually improved. Today, some can respond with a clear colour change in seconds. Bostik even offers a hot-melt wetness indicator made of 90% renewably sourced raw material to assist with your sustainability initiatives.


Safe, simple, and sustainable product disposal

As the world becomes more focused on issues surrounding circularity, consumers will be looking to hygiene manufacturers like you for answers. Shoppers want to be more sustainable, but wide-scale adoption will require it to be as effortless as possible.

Some regions are already testing collection models for post-consumer diapers, sometimes paired with innovative recycling methods. Companies who provide products and align with services that facilitate and simplify recycling efforts are sure to be noticed. Choosing an adhesive partner like Bostik who is familiar with regulations, technologies, and product certifications can be a great asset to your manufacturing goals for single-use articles.


Offering convenient shopping options for your diaper and pad consumers

According to Euromonitor’s Top 10 Trends of 2023, today’s consumers are looking to revive routines, making more time for fun and fulfilling activities. Simplified shopping is one way to make room in their schedules. This can mean buying online and getting home delivery. Subscription services take it even further, offering regular home delivery. No trips to the store. No having to remember to shop, even if it’s just online.

Both options require products (and adhesives) designed to withstand exposure to extreme temperatures, whether in shipping or whilst sitting on a front porch.


Bringing convenience to our absorbent hygiene manufacturing customers

At Bostik, we also seek out ways to offer reduce complications for absorbent hygiene producers like you. You will find a complete line of adhesive products, to help you simplify your supply chain. Customers will also receive a wide assortment of included services and support. Plus, we make additional training and testing options available upon request.1

Here are just a few more ways we make your business ‘simpler’:

  • Support with adhesive selection during product development
  • Coater trial support and product audits
  • Up-to-date knowledge on regulations and innovations relating to sustainability and adhesives
  • Pre-certification of adhesives for many regulatory agencies and organisations
  • Facilities around the globe, with expertise where you need it

1 Contact Bostik about agreements, availability, and associated costs.



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