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At its simplest, sustainability is about meeting the needs of society and the economy whilst minimising harm to the environment. That is the essence of Nuplaviva™ i90, Bostik’s 90% renewably sourced hot-melt wetness indicator.

The wetness indicators used in baby care and some adult incontinence products already provide benefits to society in a number of ways:

  • Making it easier for caregivers to spot when changes are needed
  • Helping to protect the wearer from skin irritation and other issues caused by prolonged exposure to wetnesss

Wetness indicators also support your consumer’s budget by:

  • Reducing product waste and unnecessary changing
  • Helping caregivers be more efficient in the use of their time

Finally, Bostik’s Nuplaviva™ i90 can add valuable environmental positives as well! Because it is 90% renewably sourced, this hot-melt wetness indicator helps to:

  • Minimise your product’s carbon footprint
  • Minimise dependence on fossil carbon

As part of your product, Nuplaviva™ i90 will offer excellent performance to enhance consumer satisfaction:

  • Rapid response with a clear, obvious colour change 
  • Superior resistance to humidity, preventing premature colour change
  • Compatibility with a wide range of core wraps and SAP ratios for flexibility in core design
  • The low product odour consumers desire

Are you ready to breathe new life—and the next level of sustainability—into your absorbent hygiene products? Our experts can help you determine if the renewably sourced Nuplaviva™ 90 hot-melt wetness indicator is right for you. 

To speak with a Bostik expert directly, complete the Nuplaviva™ information request form.


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