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There’s a lot to consider when choosing your pad attachment adhesive. Will it meet consumer expectations? How well does it process? Can it help satisfy your top business goals? Understanding your many objectives and their relative importance can help ensure that you select the right adhesives for your products.

Performance attributes supporting consumer satisfaction

As a manufacturer, you look for certain qualities that meet user expectations. These can include:

  • The right initial and in-use peel to make the pad easy to attach, remove, or reposition in the underwear, enhancing consumer confidence
  • Superior stay-in-place performance to minimise shifting and give consumers a comfortable, leak-free experience
  • Clean and easy removal from the underwear, leaving no adhesive residue

However, there are other factors that can affect an adhesive’s ability to deliver on the consumer’s needs. They range from environmental conditions to cultural and personal preferences. Take a closer look when you read, ‘Why Change Pad Attachment Adhesives.’

The right adhesives can help satisfy your business objectives

As a manufacturer, you also keep in mind how each decision affects your business and supports your goals. Choosing pad attachment adhesives with specific attributes can have a positive impact in different areas. For example:

  • Reliable performance with reduced adhesive add-on improves efficiencies and cuts your total cost
  • Consistent performance across a wide variety of backsheet materials offers operational efficiency when you change substrates or designs
  • Enabling the use of lighter or more sustainable substrates, supports the drive for greater corporate social responsibility


Ensure your adhesive is meeting expectations

Evaluating adhesives is integral to ensuring that the consumer’s needs are met. The data received helps producers make informed choices for the market they are serving. Bostik analysts can perform a variety of pad attachment tests, including initial and in-use peel, residue, and more. Our patented Staybility™ Testing provides a new level of insight into the pad/adhesive system's ability to stay in place.

Consider the value you receive beyond the adhesive

Partnering with Bostik can help give you a competitive edge in today’s marketplace. Customers like you can rely on our years of experience in adhesive testing, our smart products, and innovative thinking. We also offer expert service and support, numerous locations worldwide, and a wealth of knowledge and resources. You can also turn to us for information on sustainability for the absorbent hygiene industry. 

Contact Bostik to learn more about our products and services.

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