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A woman’s need for her feminine hygiene products can change monthly, daily, and even hourly. Producing a line of sanitary pads that successfully meets all her needs is no small feat. Innovation and product improvement continue to address many consumer requests, from thinner cores to better absorption.  


We wanted to more fully understand the challenge, so we started by listening to the women of the world. An informal Bostik survey revealed that 50% of the women we spoke with reported stay-in-place issues about half the time. This prompted a deeper examination, from multiple angles, concerning the challenges disposable hygiene manufacturers face as they attempt to stay on track with her pad performance expectations.


The concept of pad attachment seems simple: Place the pad in the underwear, pull the underwear up, and move on with your day. The truth is, a great deal of science goes into making the pad stay in place during all the twists and turns of everyday life. Fortunately, Bostik has years of research and development experience that has helped create, test, and refine products to meet the industry’s challenges. 

Fabrics, fibres, and stay-in-place performance

From the shape and texture of each fibre to their weaves, dyes, and treatments, undergarments have a huge impact on staying power. In order to meet her expectations, feminine pad producers need to understand prevailing trends. To make it easier, Bostik has sought out much-needed answers and collected them in one place.


In our whitepaper, “Fabrics, Undergarments, and the Pad Attachment Adhesive in Disposable Hygiene,” we delve into how her choices affect how well the adhesive will help the pad stay in place. We examine undergarment trends across various demographic groups including age and region, and even during her menstrual cycle. Lastly, we take a quick look at how stay-in-place performance is currently being tested and provide insight into our brand-new, patent-pending methodology to evaluate staying power.


Leveraging our expertise and testing services

Want to satisfy her pad positioning needs? We’re happy to share our collected information and insights with you. 


Click the first link below to request your copy of our fabrics whitepaper. Learn what you need to know to give her the stay-in-place performance she craves. 


Click the second link to learn more about our advances in pad attachment adhesives, including Staybility™ Testing and StayX™ Adhesive Technology.


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