Fireproof sealants


At Bostik, we understand that meeting fire safety standards is essential to all areas of industry. With construction being one of our major areas of expertise and innovation, we strive to uphold the highest levels of fire safety through our cutting-edge sealant technologies.

From mortars to silicone and acrylic sealant formulations, all of our fireproofing solutions are ideal for commercial applications, possessing fire resistant properties with exceptional longevity, as well as greatly reducing the formulation of smoke and other harmful toxins.

Fireproofing: sealant applications

We understand that all door and window frames within a commercial property need to be effectively fireproofed.

Our intumescent sealants are perfectly formulated for the purpose of high quality fire-retardancy in accordance with BS 476 standards. When subjected to high heat, our smart sealants swell in order to fill any potentially hazardous gaps. This forms an insulating char that prevents the permeation of smoke and flame, enabling your installation to withstand extreme temperatures for a minimum of four hours while maintaining structural integrity.   

Some of our fireproofing products can also deaden excess noise, and most solutions highly accommodate joint movement – working to fill the most irregular cavities. 

Bostik fireproofing sealants are suitable for all forms of ventilation, piping, expansion and construction joints, and can bond to an impressive range of substrates – from wood, metal and glass to masonry, concrete and timber.

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