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Standard Tile Adhesive

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Flexible Cementitious Waterproofing

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Ultra Fino Skimcoat

Concrete Surface Finisher

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Addmix Easy

Ready to use Concrete Fortifier Powder Admixture

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Addmix Plus

Ready to Use Yield Expander

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Our Latest News

Bostik setting up new office with Arkema & Den Braven

Bostik Singapore would like to announce the integration of Arkema, Bostik & Den Braven and setting up the new office.
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The gecko seen everywhere in train station

Metro Manila is home to a population of 15 million, where private vehicles and public transportation dominates the urban jungle. Every day, an average of 400,000 passengers ride the Light Rail Transit Line 1 including EDSA station, one of the major public transits Filipinos use
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Tapal king taps the light rail transit

Bostik Super Vulcaseal has finally reached the audience in a whole new way. The latest on its list of marketing efforts – ticket gate advertisement. Tapal King has now put the message in front of the metro commuters, where other out-of- home advertising formats can’t reach.
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Bostik launch BOSPAC

As the Philippines’ first learning institution of its kind, Bostik Partners Academy (BOSPAC) aims to develop individuals and organizations equipped with the latest tools, technology and techniques for a wide range of construction and distribution management topics.
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