Brands and countries

Bostik's Australian made high-grade adhesive products cover the DIY and professional trade sectors as well. Our products span across many professional trades throughout the Australian workforce, including Seal N' Flex® 1 and Flowfill Panel Grout for builders and carpenters.


One of our popular products for caulkers is our fire-rated, Fireban One polyurethane sealant.

Fireban One has excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces and has a heat resistant caulk what it makes a perfect solution for a caulker.

First produced in Australia 39 years ago, Fireban One also is manufactured in our Thomastown plant.


Our Ultraset® flooring adhesives arrived into the Australian market over 20 years ago, and have been tried, tested and proven by professional tradesman and eager DIY renovators alike.

From our market-leading Ultraset® 3 in 1 to our UL Levellers, we've been making flooring installations faster, easier and smarter ever since.


One of our most loved Australian made products, Blu Tack®  recently turned fifty! Blu Tack® originated in production back in 1970 at our Thomastown, Victoria manufacturing plant, one of only two manufacturing plants that produce Blu Tack® in the world. Since then, Bostik's Blu Tack® has been present in households, schools and offices Australia-wide.