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Our Substrate to Surface Solution for the waterproofer provides peace of mind that Bostik is the waterproofing project partner of choice. Our range is designed with the needs of the waterproofer in mind. Keeping in mind the key jobs that demand waterproofing – bathrooms and showers, kitchens, laundries and more - the Bostik range has been developed for ease of application for the waterproofer. Also to ensure effective solutions to reduce the risk of callbacks and failures, while allowing following trades to continue without worksite delays.

Each Bostik waterproofing membrane has been prepared in accordance with key Australian Standards for both domestic and commercial applications.


Priming helps improve the consistency of the substrate, making it more accepting of waterproofing membrane therefore enhancing the bond between substrate and membrane. A well-primed surface can also improve the coverage of waterproofing membranes. Bostik offer a range of surface primers for the waterproofer to prepare substrates for optimal adherence of membranes or adhesive.

Bostik’s primer range for the waterproofer includes Multiprime, Moisture Seal, Specialist Primer and Prime Grip, each with its own strength and benefits for the relevant job:

  • Multiprime: a PL floor primer can be used indoor & outdoor and improves bond capabilities and working time of adhesives.
  • Moisture Seal: is a two-party epoxy and withstands hydrostatic water pressure up to 25m or 250 kPA.
  • Prime Grip Non-Porous: a floor primer can be used indoor & outdoor and by tile on tile applications. Prime Grip is also solvent free.
  • Specialist Primer: this high performance aqueous primer can be used on top of cured Dampfix PU and other specialist applications. This primer for indoor and outdoor use is part of the Dampfix PU & Asaflex system.

Protect the installation of wet areas with one of our Dampfix range of waterproofing solutions. Our range includes:

  • Dampfix Gold: a one component, highly elastic, class 3, polyurethane waterproofing membrane that contains no bitumen. This sealant is easy to use and is an urethane acrylic membrane which is available in 4L and 15L sizes.
  • Dampfix Immersed PART A and Dampfix Immersed PART B: a two-part cementitious membrane suitable for use in immersed applications (such as pools and spas) and totally immersible under tiles.
  • Dampfix Rapid: a two-coat water-based polyurethane membrane that can be applied over primed porous & non-porous substrates, including concrete, rendered bricks, fibre cement, water resistant plasterboard, and structural plywood. Re-coat in 1- 2 hours.
  • Dampfix PU: one part polyurethane membrane, highly elastic, class 3, polyurethane waterproofing membrane system that contains no bitumen and complies with AS/NZ 4858.

The broad range of Bostik tile adhesives have proven compatibility with many substrates and tile types.

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With a range of grouts in both technology and colours, Bostik has the perfect grout to complete any tiling project for the waterproofer.

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The Bostik Prep, Seal, Stick, Finish ranges are backed by rigorous testing to ensure products of the highest quality for craftsmen to trust for the job.