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Feminine care: smart adhesive solutions for the disposable hygiene industry

Even before we introduced the first high-performance pad attachment adhesive for feminine hygiene products, Bostik was recognised as a leading collaborative partner for manufacturers worldwide. Today, we offer a wide range of smart adhesives for feminine hygiene products. Our cost-effective solutions help meet your production needs and the in-use needs of your consumer wherever you or she is in the world. Our adhesives are also designed to help you provide her with a product that is reliable, discreet, secure, comfortable, and absorbent.

If you are starting a new project or need innovative solutions to enhance your current ones, your first step should be to contact Bostik.

Smart applications for pad positioning and construction 

Pad attachment. Our smart attachment adhesives enable you to produce a pad that sticks consistently, stays in place, and does not rip or leave adhesive residue on removal. They also adapt and adhere to most fabric topographies, e.g. weaves, surface treatments, and elongations. Advanced processability creates more consistent performance across add-on and temperature ranges.    

Construction. Our innovative construction adhesive formulations are designed for excellent processability and cost optimisation. In particular, we can support the use of lower-cost substrates and other materials used in absorbent sanitary pads. Our goal: To meet your production needs while still allowing you to satisfy the needs of your consumer. 

Your partner in choosing the right feminine hygiene adhesive

For decades we have been an industry leader in creating pad fastening adhesives. As consumer needs in an ever-changing global market shift, we’re flipping the way you and your product users look at adhesive performance. From innovation and the development of new adhesive technology to Bostik’s improved method for testing product satisfaction during use, let’s work together to meet and exceed consumer expectations.


Contact us to learn more about our pad attachment adhesives for femcare products.

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