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Bostik can help ensure all electrical work passes the required assessments with it’s range of fire rated sealants and PVC bonding products. Its range of gap filling and finishing products can also help to make electrical service points aesthetically appealing.

Bonding PVC conduit is fast and easy with Bostik Type N PVC Cement in Blue or Clear. When ensuring that electrical service penetrations are up to fire code, you can’t go past Bostik’s range of fire rated sealants and foams. The Bostik Fireban range is rated to all manner of penetrations and void filing in fire rated systems.

The Bostik technical services team is always on hand to assist with installation recommendations and advice.

  • Fireban Acrylic: a fire rated, acrylic sealant suitable for control joints and penetrations in fire resistant builds. This fire rated sealant is primarily suitable for internal joints between concrete or plaster and copper or PVC service penetrations. Fireban Acrylic can rated for up to 240 minutes as per AS1530.4
  • Fireban One: a fire rated polyurethane joint sealant that is suitable for common fire rated control joints and penetration seals. This sealant provides a fire seal up to 240 minutes as per AS1530.4 This polyurethane joint sealant has an excellent adhesion to wide variety of surfaces. Fireban One is also resistant to weather ability conditions.
  • Fireban Hybrid: a fire rated, hybrid MSP sealant for control joint in fire rated walls. This fire sealant is a heat resistant sealant that is rated for up to 240 minutes fire resistance as per AS1530.4 and has a non-bubbling formula. Fireban Hybrid can be applied in the wet or in humid environments.
  • Fireban Expanda Foam: a fire rated, self-expanding foam for fire rated void filling of concrete expansion joints. This fire sealant rated for up to 240 minutes fire resistance as per AS1530.4. Fireban Expanda Foam can be used alongside Fireban sealants to enhance FRL rating in fire rated walls.
  • PVC Pipe Cement (Type N): a solvent based PVC welding glue for bonding PVC conduit. This PVC cement has a high bond strength and rapid adhesion.

Bostik's Electricians solutions are backed by rigorous testing to ensure products of the highest quality that electricians can trust for the job.