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Today it is more important than ever to ensure building materials will stand the test of time. Bostik PVC welding products and plumbing silicones have been used for more than 30 years and the brand has lead the way in bringing new innovations to market. 

Bostik plumbing products meet the relevant building codes and Watermark® certifications to ensure legal compliance and peace of mind for the trades person. Like all Bostik products, our plumbing silicones and pipe solvents are of the highest quality and exhibit best in class weather resistance, cure stability and bond strength. If you want the job done right the first time, fill your toolbox with Bostik.


  • Kitchen & Bathroom (Acetic Cure): an acetic cure and wet area silicone sealant. This sealant is ideal for darker bathrooms/laundries, non-porous surfaces and interior basement waterproofing. Moreover, this waterproof sealant is Watermark® approved and contains active fungicide.
  • Kitchen & Bathroom (Neutral Cure): a neutral cure and wet area silicone sealant. This unibond and waterproof sealant is ideal for UV exposure and porous surfaces. Moreover, this sealant is Watermark® approved and contains active fungicide.
  • Roof & Gutter: a neutral cure and roofing & weather seal silicone sealant. This roof sealer is ideal for roofing, general plumbing, weather sealing and general purpose sealing. Roof & Gutter has an excellent adhesion to decorative sheet metal and masonry/brick surfaces. This waterproof sealant is also Watermark® approved.
  • Xtreme Flex: a neutral cure and high performance MSP (Modified-Silyl Polymer) sealant and adhesive. It sticks, seals and cures in the wet and underwater and is ideal for wide variety of plumbing and building applications or interior basement waterproofing. In addition, this waterproof sealant has an excellent primeless adhesion to almost all surfaces and Watermark® approved
  • Expanda Foam: a polyurethane self-expanding foam which is ideal for general void and cavity filling. This polyurethane adhesive insulates against heat, cold and noise The expanding foam also blocks access by wildlife and vermin.
  • PVC Priming Fluid: a high performance solvent based priming fluid for PVC pipes and sheeting. This primer can be used indoors and outdoors and in residential and commercial applications.
  • PVC Pipe Cement (Type N): a PVC pipe cement for non-pressure applications. This is a fast setting, high bond strength PVC pipe cement designed for adhering rigid PVC to itself, both in pipe, fittings and sheet form in non-pressure applications. This pipe joint sealant is blue and clear and can be used for non-pressure pipe assemblies.
  • PVC Pipe Cement (Type P): a high bond strength PVC pipe cement. Ideal for bonding with PVC-U pipes and PVC-U fittings, and bonding PVC-U pipes to ABS fittings only. It can be used in interior and exterior locations, in commercial and residential applications. This cement is green and clear and can be used for pressurized pipe assemblies.