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A perfect finish is in the details. Bostik’s toolbox will help to produce the perfect finish with reliable adhesives to make it stick, and easy to use paintable sealants and fillers to do away with unsightly cracks and gaps.

At Bostik, we also understand that time is money so we strive to introduce products that will cut out the down time that can come with traditional adhesives and sealants.

We have products that can be painted over in just 10 minutes and products that will stick wallboards immediately. Better yet, most of our products can be sanded and are compatible with market leading paints.

Lastly, our sealants and acrylic fillers are of the highest quality and won’t cause cracking or discoloration of the surface coating.


  • Gap Seal: a general purpose acrylic gap filler that is ideal for low movement joint seals and general purpose gap filling. This sealant is a filler which is paintable with most paints for perfect finish.
  • Xtreme® Flex: a neutral cure, high performance MSP sealant and adhesive that sticks, seals and cures in the wet and underwater. This waterproofing sealer is ideal for wide variety of plumbing and building applications. Xtreme® Flex is also an excellent primerless adhesion to almost all surfaces and paintable immediately after skinning (approx. 10 minutes). This waterproofing sealer is also Watermark® certified.
  • Xtreme®​​​​​​​ High Tack: a high performance MSP adhesive with extremely high initial grab strength. This polymer adhesive has a high initial grab strength allows Xtreme® High Tack to support immense weight without the aid of clamps, screws or nails. Xtreme® High Tack is also resistant to moisture, weather and UV.
  • No More Nails®: a general purpose, solvent based construction adhesive that supports wallboards and minimizes the need for nails and screws. It reduces creaking caused by expansion and movement of nails and screws and has a high bond strength and chemical resistance. No More Nails® has an excellent adhesion to wide variety of surfaces including timber and plasterboard.