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Bostik’s series of high performance silicones are fit a range of glazing applications, from the general purpose jobs to the highly specified. With excellent adhesion to glass, metals, timer and masonry, Bostik glazing and cladding silicones are incredibly resistant to all weather and UV conditions. This glazing silicone sealant can be used as a car window sealant, garage door seal or door weather stripping. They are also highly flexible and rated to the Australian Standards for glass assembly in construction.

Bostik’s technical team is always on hand to provide advice on application and substrate, so for those tricky jobs, be sure to give them a call on 1800 BOSTIK for additional advice and recommendations.

  • V60: an architectural structural glazing silicone sealant suitable for 2 sided structural glazing applications up to 4 storeys buildings (above use V70). This weatherproofing window sealant has an outstanding UV stability and natural ageing stability and has excellent adhesion characteristics.
  • V70: an architectural structural glazing silicone suitable for 2 and 4 sided structural glazing applications. The V70 is suitable for high rise glazing and has an outstanding UV stability and natural ageing stability and has excellent adhesion characteristics.
  • V2: an acetic cure, general glazing silicone with high modulus and rapid curing. This product is has an excellent adhesion to glass, aluminum, stainless steel and fiberglass. This window sealant is also aquarium safe.
  • V4: a neutral curing silicone designed for superior adhesion to metal and masonry surfaces in contact with glass. This window sealant is highly elastic, non-slumping and has a long life reliability. low modulus.
  • 5CLM: a neutral curing, high movement joint silicone designed for facade cladding systems and expansion joints. This clear silicone sealant has an excellent dynamic movement capability +100% / -50% and is an excellent primerless adhesion.
  • Fireban One: a fire rated polyurethane joint sealant suitable for common fire rated control joints and penetration seals. This fireproof sealant provides a fire seal up to 240 minutes as per AS1530.4 and has an excellent adhesion to wide variety of surfaces.
  • Gap Seal: a general purpose acrylic gap filler ideal for low movement joint seals and general purpose gap filling. This concrete joint sealant is paintable with most paints for perfect finish.