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At Bostik, our values guide our daily actions, both individually and collectively.

With more than 6,000 people in 50 countries across five continents, Bostik combines the strength of a global player with a deep-rooted local footprint. Like our parent company Arkema, our values are the backbone of what we do, and of who we are.

All Bostik and Arkema employees share a common vision of the world, rooted in Solidarity, Performance, Empowerment, Simplicity, and Inclusion. Whether it's creating solutions that are both simple and effective, demonstrating responsibility in the conduct of our business, or showing solidarity with the communities in which we operate, our values constitute a guide for our daily actions.


Because PEFORMANCE needs boldness
EMPOWERMENT enhances the keeping of our commitments
SOLIDARITY grows team spirit
Openness is the way to SIMPLICITY... and to INCLUSION

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