Brands and countries

Nowadays, reliability and speed are crucial in ensuring the job comes in on budget and on time. With that in mind, Bostik’s focus on continuous innovation strives to bring to market products that not only save labour time and money, but also reduce risk of failure and the need for multi-product fixing systems.

Working with the latest emerging technologies around the globe and cooperating with our partners in every continent, Bostik has a wide range of sealants and adhesives that builders rely on. 

  • Xtreme Flex: a neutral cure, high performance MSP sealant and adhesive that sticks, seals and cures in the wet and underwater. This roof sealant is ideal for wide variety of plumbing and building applications and is an excellent primerless adhesion to almost all surfaces. The Xtreme Flex is a polymer sealant which is also Watermark® approved.
  • Seal N' Flex® One P390: a high expansion, polyurethane construction sealant. Seal N' Flex One® has an excellent adhesion to masonry and concrete. Used internally or externally, this polyurethane sealant has an excellent UV, weather and water resistance and has a dynamic joint movement of +/- 50%.
  • Seal N' Flex® FC: a fast curing, polyurethane construction sealant. The high hardness and mechanical resistance makes this polymer sealant suitable for heavy traffic applications. This roof sealant has a dynamic joint movement of +/- 25%.
  • Seal N' Flex® Facade H725: an advanced, multi-purpose, hybrid construction sealant suitable for light traffic. Seal N' Flex® Facade H725 sealant has an excellent UV and weather resistance and can be applied in wet conditions. This construction sealant is 100% zero bubbling and has a dynamic joint movement of +/- 25%.
  • Roof & Gutter: a neutral cure, roofing and weather seal silicone sealant that is ideal for roofing, general plumbing, weather sealing and general purpose sealing. This roof sealant has an excellent adhesion to decorative sheet metal and masonry/brick surfaces and is also Watermark® approved.
  • Gap Seal: a general purpose acrylic gap filler that is ideal for low movement joint seals and general purpose gap filling. Gap Seal is a joint filler which is paintable with most paints for perfect finish.
  • Fireban One: a fireproof sealant suitable for common fire rated control joints and penetration seals. This fireproof sealant provides a fire seal up to 240 minutes as per AS1530.4. Fireban One is an excellent polymer sealant to wide variety of surfaces.
  • No More Nails®: a general purpose, solvent based construction adhesive that supports wallboards and minimizes the need for nails and screws. This solvent based adhesive reduces creaking caused by expansion and movement of nails and screws and has a high bond strength and chemical resistance. No More Nails® has an excellent adhesion to wide variety of surfaces including timber and plasterboard.
  • Xtreme® High Tack: a high performance MSP adhesive has a high initial grab strength allows Xtreme® High Tack to support immense weight without the aid of clamps, screws or nails. Xtreme® High Tack is also resistant to moisture, weather and UV.
  • Flowfill: a general-purpose Class A construction grout with an enhanced working life. This grout adhesive is suitable for pre-cast and tilt-panel work and can be used in column bases, core holes, rod holes, concrete defects.
  • Techflow: a high performance, Class C, non-shrink grout that can be used in equipment base plates, anchoring bolts, bars and fittings, bridge bearings and crane rails. This grout adhesive can be pumped, troweled, rammed or flowed into area where normal grouting methods do not suffice.
  • Patchfix: a heavy duty mortar for high build structural repairs that has a high ultimate compressive strength and abrasion resistance. This tile mortar can be used in vertical, horizontal and overhead applications for large or small repairs.

Bostik's Builders solutions are backed by rigorous testing, to ensure products of the highest quality that builders can trust to get the job done.